UDON Entertainment Releases ‘Macross’ & ‘Genesis Climber Mospeada’ Emblem Pins

by James Ferguson

UDON Entertainment keeps releasing great pins that are starting to put a drain on my wallet. The latest are deluxe emblems from Macross and Genesis Climber Mospeada.

The Genesis Climber Mospeada pins feature the emblems for Mars Base and Jupiter Base. Pick one (or both) and join the fight against the INBIT at the Reflex Point. They’re both made of shiny silver metal with a shimmering glitter cloissonne hard enamel fill that creates a jewel-like finish. Each one is about 2-inches in size.

The Macross deluxe emblem pin features the UN Spacy Emblem that’s probably the most recognizable symbol for fans of the franchise. This 2-inch pin is also made with cloisone hard enamel to create a jewel-like finish, however it also has a special two-tone metal finishing (brushed silver finish in the center with a shiny onyx black outer ring) with a shimmering clear red fill in the middle.
All three pins (along with a slew of others) are available at UDONPins.com.

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