NYCC 2020: ‘Hilda’ Returns To Netflix This December

by Erik Amaya

While Hilda may be the most gentle comic book adaptation around, things are about to get epic in Season 2.

During a video session at New York Comic Con Metaverse, the producers and lead voice actor of the program teased its December return with the surprising notion that things will get bigger. The new season sees Hilda as “a full-fledged Trollburg citizen” according to creator Luke Pearson. But it will also offer her a true antagonist in the form of the local safety patrol’s nefarious leader.

“In true Hilda fashion — [she sees] things that need to be changes and she’s not afraid to jump in there,” head writer and executive producer Stephanie Simpson added. “Her adventures come from a sense of confidence about her friendships and her place in the community.” That means Trollburg will be explored a great deal more, including the true meaning of the wall.

“We also see new dimensions [for Hilda’s friends Frida and David],” she continued.

According to director Andy Coyle, the story means there are “big challenges” in realizing the animation. “There’s big ‘scope’ ideas, especially for a TV show,” he said, adding the more subtle elements of Hilda still proves to be the biggest challenge in making the series. “It sounds counter-intuitive, but that’s way harder to pull off than a hoard of giant monsters in a kinetic set-piece.”

Simpson joked that the writers often think “how can we make Andy’s life difficult?”

The group teased locations like an old mill and a witch’s tower which descends into the ground and seems to float around Trollburg.

Most of the second season is “off-book” — that is to say the story is not directly based on Pearson’s graphic novels. “In comics, I’ll have an idea and its mainly just me agonizing over it. But in television, it’s nice to be less precious about [the idea]. At the same time, it’s important to stay true to the books … there’s a line to walk there.” He felt the series is a “very expanded” version of the story told in the books, so while not directly adapted from them, they are still following their trajectory.

Star Bella Ramsey reflected on that trajectory — at least in terms of Hilda’s progress. “She’s grown in resilience. She has a lot when she lived in the wilderness, but it was very different. When she moved to Trollburg, she had a lot of challenges with her relationships,” she said of the character. “She’s had to learn how to be friends. Learning what it means to be a friend, as well as riding a bike — she’s grown up, really.” And though she has grown up a great deal, Ramsey joked about Hilda’s inability to learn from her mistakes — it even led to her writing a song about the topic, which will be featured in an upcoming episode.

Hilda returns to Netflix this December.

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