NYCC 2020: ‘One Day At A Time’ Makes Its Network Debut On CBS

by Rachel Bellwoar

The pitfalls of pre-recording a comic con panel. One Day at a Time was supposed to start airing on CBS last Monday, October 5th. That date got pushed, however, to Monday, October 12th. Good news, in the sense that now fans can make sure they watch. Bad news in the sense that the panel wasn’t edited to show the new date.
One Day at a Time debuting on CBS is a big deal. It’s where the original One Day at a Time aired in the 70’s. The first episode of season four is about the census and that’s as relevant now as it was when the episode aired in March (if you haven’t filled out the census yet, the current deadline is October 31st). As co-showrunner, Gloria Calderón Kellett, brings up in the panel, “…we will be the only Latino family on network television this fall,” and it’s a chance for the show to reach a larger audience who might not have had Netflix or cable to watch the show before.

One Day At A Time

Is this the news fans might’ve wanted to hear at this panel? Well, no, it would’ve been great if the show could’ve announced a season five renewal or that the back half of season four is still coming once it’s safe to film. The hard truth is neither of those things are set in stone yet, but if people tune in to watch the show on CBS that might be a factor as to whether or not the show gets picked up.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the show has been on the bubble. After Netflix canceled the series following season three, things weren’t looking good for the Alvarez family for a while. Thankfully, Pop TV stepped in, but I imagine the reason CBS is starting with season 4 instead of season 1 has something to do with Netflix.

If you’ve seen any of the other panels this cast has done in the last few months then this one is pretty much more of the same, but it’s still great to see everyone together. Refinery29’s Ariana Romero acts as moderator and the panelists include Rita Moreno, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz, Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Stephen Tobolowsky, executive producers, Norman Lear and Brent Miller and co-showrunners/executive producers, Mike Royce and Kellett.
Miller expressed his hope that CBS will air the animated episode the show did about talking to friends or family who have different political views. Blackish has an animated episode coming out soon, too, and are using the same company — Smiley Guy Studios — that One Day at a Time did.
Be sure to check out the full panel below:

One Day at a Time begins airing on CBS starting Monday, October 12th at 9 PM EST with back-to-back episodes. Machado can also be seen competing on Dancing with the Stars on ABC at 8 PM EST.

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