The Brutality Of ‘The Raid’ With The World-Building Of ‘John Wick’ — ‘Revenger’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James

In Revenger, a cop is sent to an island prison in search of the crime lord who killed his family. Is this a hidden gem of South Korean New Wave Cinema or another generic direct-to-Netflix action movie? Let’s find out.


There are portions of dialogue spoken in heavily accented English, which always comes across as campy.


Imagine if the inmates at Arkham Asylum took control of the island from Far Cry 3. That’ll give you a glimpse of insanity of this film’s setting. Much like Gangs of New York, the world of Revenger feels simultaneously mythological and realistic. It’s this unique tonality paired with stellar action scenes which sets the film apart from the competition for your attention.


Revenger combines the brutality of The Raid with the world-building of John Wick. While aspects of the film can be a little rough around the edges, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. This is a unique action film which defies traditional categorization.

Revenger is now streaming on Netflix.

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