eigoManga Releases New Socially Conscious Rom-Com Graphic Novel, ‘The Frog Princess’

by Gary Catig
Art by Rie Ikaza

eigoManga is a publisher that creates original Japanese-influenced comics and digital media. Their latest release is the romantic comedy graphic novel, The Frog Princess, written by Jeff Loew and art from Rie Ikaza.

The story follows an amphibian biologist named Larissa Talcot who is trying to protect her research pond from real estate developers. Little does she know, her lawyer boyfriend, Liam, is aiding the same developers to construct a golf course on the land. Will the couple’s relationship last if they’re on conflicting sides? Can Larissa save her frogs?

The Frog Princess not only incorporates elements of rom-coms but also throws in action, drama and fantasy. It is all wrapped into a socially aware and environmentally conscious tale. Not only does the graphic novel rely on character driven storytelling but it brings to attention the all too real declining amphibian populations worldwide.

Loew partially drew inspiration for the story from real life. He learned a local university struggled to maintain its biology labs after a tainted water supply threatened all the amphibians on campus. That initial conflict served as the premise and then the characters and situations came afterwards.

The Frog Princess is available now at Barnes and Noble. It contains 160 pages and retails for $12.95. Included are two back up stories from Loew and Oscar “Sensei” Capristo: ‘Goatspell’ and ‘I Married Ghost Girl’; and a third short story by Loew and Esdras, ‘Night and Day’.

Check out the preview of the graphic novel below.


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