Review: The Lads Kick Off Their European Tour In ‘Bill and Ted are Doomed’ #2

by Brendan M. Allen

Bill and Ted are making ridiculous plans for a world tour that will somehow solve all their problems. They also hope to write the one song while on tour, energized and influenced by the people of the excellent planet Earth. Their confidence returning, they help the overburdened princesses with arranging the bookings. Things take a turn though when Wyld Stallyns is accidentally booked for a deadly-serious Scandinavian death metal festival (because of Death being in their band)

In Bill and Ted Are Doomed #2, The Wyld Stallyns hit the road, trying to reclaim some of that mojo that brought them the title at the San Dimas Battle of the Bands. They pretty much hit up every band movie trope along the way. Dumpy little venues, cold crowd reception, misspelled marquees…

It’s obvious that Evan Dorkin is comfortable with Bill and Ted. There’s a reason he keeps getting the call to pen these things. The dialogue and humor track with both films and the previous comics. This chapter just felt a little forced. Something about it falls flat. The last chapter barely moved at all, and this one takes the lads all over the globe in a disastrous whirlwind comeback tour. There’s barely enough time spent in any one dive bar for the story to breathe or for several of the jokes to land.

The art is the best thing about this second chapter. Roger Langridge’s stripped down caricatures are fun and accurate, and they fit really well with the established tone of the franchise. 
I’m having a hard time with this one. It hits plenty of the nostalgic beats, but it hasn’t really built on the established mythos. How many parts is this mini? Four? Five? They really could have condensed the first chapter and gotten this road trip kicked off earlier. I don’t see how this story is going to get interesting, get complicated, and get resolved in just a couple more installments. 

Bill and Ted are Doomed #2, Dark Horse Comics, 14 October 2020. Written by Evan Dorkin, art and letters by Roger Langridge, cover by Evan Dorkin w/Sarah Dyer, variant cover by Tyler Crook.


Things take a turn on the European leg of the Wyld Stallyns’ World Tour.

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