‘Spawn’ #209 – #210 Rushed Back For Second Printings

by Olly MacNamee

We often get news that one Image comic or another is getting a second printing, but it’s not often we hear of three consecutive issues of a specific title selling out. But that’s exactly what has happened with Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn issues #308, 309 and #310. But why such high numbered issues? Well, it may have something to do with the debut of a certain Gunslinger Spawn, as you’ll read below:
“In Spawn #308, the terrible consequences of Spawn’s actions in issue #300 and #301 have a ripple effect that could lead toward annihilation. His every victory and every defeat changes his fate, and the fate of the world.
With the future in doubt and Medieval Spawn’s legacy in question, Spawn, She-Spawn, and Reaper go on the offensive in Spawn #309. But a long-time ally has shown his true colors, and Cogliostro rallies an army and a deadly new recruit…GUNSLINGER SPAWN.”
All second printings will be out Wednesday, November 11th from Image Comics.



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