The ‘King In Black’ Hits Earth In New January Tie-Ins

by Tony Thornley

In December, Knull comes to Earth, and darkness will fall on the Marvel Universe. In January, Marvel’s heroes begin to fight back, as the event’s spin-offs launch.

There is plenty to come as the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four fight back against Knull, with Venom himself at the lead. However, these three tie-ins show us a little smaller corner of the universe.

Cover by Tony Moore

In King In Black: Planet of the Symbiotes, Frank Tieri and Clay McLeod Chapman tell two can’t miss tales of Knull’s invasion. Chapman and artist Guiu Vilanova show what happens when Scream has to fight her siblings, the other Life Foundation Symbiotes, amidst Knull’s takeover. Meanwhile, Tieri and Danilo Beyruth follow up on the recent tales of Ravencroft Institute, and reveal the role that the Kassidy family history has to play in the events of King in Black.

Cover by Dan Mora

Meanwhile, the King in Black meets the Ebony Blade as longtime Avenger Dane Whitman faces the invasion from Shanghai in King in Black: Black Knight! Created by superstar creative team Simon Spurrier and Jesus Saiz with an incredible cover by Dan Mora, Dane Whitman finds himself working along the Agents of Atlas to fight off the invasion. However, as he fights Knull’s symbiote dragons, he finds himself learning unexpected new information about his past and his origin.

Cover by Ken Lashley

And lastly, the fan-favorite Gwenom design makes its return! Seanan Maguire and Flaviano throw Gwen Stacy head first into the event as Ghost-Spider fights off the most dangerous symbiote of all in King in Black: Gwenom Vs. Carnage. As Knull invades her new home universe, Gwen has to defend her friends and family from none other than Cletus Kassidy.

Don’t miss these series and specials as King in Black invades the Marvel Universe in January.

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