New ‘Rick And Morty’ Mini-Series Launches In February 2021

by James Ferguson

Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group has announced a new Rick and Morty mini-series, Worlds Apart, debuting in February 2021. Based on the animated series from Adult Swim, the comic features the outrageous Balthromaw and his band of dragon adventurers in a predicament that only Morty can save them from. Meanwhile, Teddy Rick shows up and ruins Rick’s ultimate vacation plan.

Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart is one of the wildest stories we’ve told yet.” says Senior Editor, Licensing, Robert Meyers.

Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart comes from creators Josh Trujillo, Tony Fleecs, Jarrett Williams, Leonardo Ito, and Crank! Look for the first issue in February 2021.

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