Preview: ‘Dune- House Of Atreides’ #1 Changes The Shape Of History

by Brendan M. Allen

Set in the years leading up to Frank Herberts 1965 science-fiction novel Dune, BOOM! Studios’ Dune: House Atreides transports readers to the far future on the desert planet Arrakis where Pardot Kynes seeks its secrets. 
‘Meanwhile, a violent coup is planned by the son of Emperor Elrood, an eight-year-old slave Duncan Idaho seeks to escape his cruel masters, and a young man named Leto Atreides begins a fateful journey. These unlikely souls are drawn together first as renegades and then as something more, as they discover their true fate to change the very shape of history!’
BOOM! Studios’ Dune: House Atreides drops this Wednesday, October 21st. Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Dev Pramanik, with colors by Alex Guimaraes and letters by Ed Dukeshire.
Check out a couple of variant covers and the preview images below!

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