Return To Pandora With New ‘Avatar’ Mini-Series From Dark Horse

by James Ferguson

Dark Horse Comics is taking us back to Pandora with an untold story set just after the events of James Cameron’s Avatar. The four-issue mini-series Avatar: The Next Shadow continues Jake Scully’s story, bridging the gap between the first film and the upcoming sequel.

Jake Sully can fight a war, but can he keep the peace? Days after the destruction of the Na’vi Hometree, Jake finds himself ill-equipped to defuse the internal conflicts threatening to tear the Omatikaya apart—and perilously unprepared for a treacherous plot to remove him from the clan forever!
Avatar: The Next Shadow is written by Jeremy Barlow and illustrated by Josh Hood. It features covers by Gui Balbi. The first issue is set for release on January 6th, 2021.

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