Art For Art’s Sake #75: The Name’s Bond, Phillip Bond

by Richard Bruton

Another weekly round-up of all that is good and good-looking in the world of art… why, it’s Art For Art’s Sake!

Let’s open with the talented Paul Harrison-Davies and a little 2000 AD character study… Nemesis, Torquemada, DR & Quinch…

Mr X by Paul Rivoche

TMNT by Rick Veitch

Sara Pichelli

Couple from Sam Kieth

Shaky Kane

Daniele Orlandini

Pascal Campion

Stephanie Hans

Richard Piers Raynor – cover to Swamp Thing Annual 5

Chyna Clugston Flores

Falling in Love from 1968 – cover by Ric Estrada

Colleen Doran

Two-Fisted Tales – Harvey Kurtzman pencils and Will Eisner inks…

And we shall end with Philip Bond – whose recent Kickstarter, INK, gave you all the chance to get a little bit of Bond onto your walls. INK 1 was funded way past initial target and I’d imagine there’s going to be an INK 2, INK 3, etc., in the pipeline. Why is this a good thing? Well, take a little look at some of Bond’s beautiful artwork – I think it answers the question…

Well, with Mr Bond, Mr Philip Bond, the first time I sat up and went wow was in the pages of Deadline and Wired World. And why, oh why, oh why, hasn’t there been a massive collection of Wired World and more from Bond?

ABBA… yes, ABBA…

Angel & The Ape – detail and full pic…

Kill Your Boyfriend cover…

Madman Comics – Bowie-age Daydream…

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