House Of X: Previewing ‘Juggernaut’ #2 And ‘Excalibur’ #13

by Olly MacNamee


This week Marvel have only two X-Men related titles. A slim first look at Excalibur #13 and a more meaty preview of Juggernaut #2 too. So, let’s take a look at the bigger preview first, shall we?

Juggernaut #2

Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Ron Garney
Cover by Geoff Shaw

“Juggernaut isn’t the only one who’s left destruction in his wake, and he thinks it’s about time for the IMMORTAL HULK to take responsibility for his actions!”

Juggernaut #2 is out Wednesday 21st October from Marvel Comics.

Excalibur #13

Written by Tini Howard
Art by R. B. Silva
Colour by Nolan Woodard

“X OF SWORDS PART 9. Opposition. Despair. The dark night of the soul.”

Excalibur #13 is out Wednsday 21st October from Marvel Comics.




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