In Time For Halloween, ‘Razorblades: The Horror Magazine’ Returns

by Brendan M. Allen

Back in July, writer James Tynion IV and writer/editor Steve Foxe launched Razorblades: The Horror Magazine. The new horror anthology sells exclusively through Tynion’s own Tiny Onion Studios. Now, Razorblades is back for a second issue.

Available today, Razorblades #2 is nearly 80 pages of comics, prose, interviews and illustrations, featuring creators like Zac Thompson, Jen Hickman, Josh Simmons, Jen Bartel, Gou Tanabe, Tini Howard, Josh Hixson, Marie Enger, Matthew Rosenberg, and Tyler Boss.

From now until Halloween at midnight EST, you can order a print copy of Razorblades #2 from for $15 plus shipping. 

Tiny Onion also offers a brand-new subscription service, so die-hard readers don’t miss out on any future issues. The $60 subscription option includes print copies of Razorblades #2-5, as well as a special reprint of Razorblades #1, featuring a new cover from Sirenhead creator Trevor Henderson

There is also a Premium Subscription option for $80 which includes postcard-size prints with each issue, a collector’s box, and exclusive Razorblades enamel pins.

The first two issues will print and ship in November, with future issues following every three months through summer 2021. Future issues will have similar print-order windows, but the subscription format is a limited time offer. The digital edition of each Razorblades issue will remain available on the website for whatever price readers would like to pay.

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