Raffi Barsoumian Joins ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

by Erik Amaya

It appears the Legends of Tomorrow will face a “once-in-a-generation” evil genius when the show returns.
TVLine reports actor Raffi Barsoumian has been cast as Bishop, a man with great intelligence who has “seen the end of the world” and “thinks he has a way to save it.” Unfortunately, his seeming benevolence masks a sadistic streak which will put both humans and aliens in danger. The site seems to think he will be the Legends’ true opponent in the upcoming season and we’re inclined to agree. Also, we can’t help but wonder if “Bishop” is a code word for a displaced-in-time DC villain like Monarch. The character description mentions certain enhancements which allowed him to survive the end of the world. Presumably, the ability to travel back in time to prevent the disaster is part of that package, and it puts us in an Armageddon 2001 frame of mind.
Come to think of it, why hasn’t Matthew Ryder or the Linear Men made their way to Legends
Barsoumian joins newcomer Lisseth Chavez as part of a handful of new hires for the season while Olivia Swann, Shayan Sobhian, and Adam Tsekhman return as series regulars. Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Brandon Routh have both departed the series. The rest of the regular cast, however, returns for a season focused on aliens and, presumably, favorite alien-themed film parodies.
Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW sometimes in 2021.

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