‘Immortal Hulk: Flatline’ Gives Declan Shalvey A Crack At The Jade Giant

by Tony Thornley

Immortal Hulk has changed the Hulk forever. One of the best things about how the concept has changed is seeing one off stories exploring this new gamma-power mythos from a bevy of new creators. This January, Declan Shalvey joins that list.

The Hulk has dragged Bruce Banner from place to place, often waking up in a new town, with new problems facing him. He’s getting sick of it. However, when a new gamma-powered villain shows up in a small town, Bruce has to confront an unexpected- and shocking- source of his anger.

Shalvey, who writes and draws the issue, said, “What Al Ewing and Joe Bennett have accomplished with Immortal Hulk is astounding. I love how the book has given the character a new twist that has expanded what can be done with (and said about the) character. To get to play in this particular sandbox with this one-shot is such a thrill, it’s a great challenge as a storyteller, to add to this new mythology as both a writer and artist. Big, Hulk-sized boots to fill, I hope it lives up to the great work already accomplished by the Immortal Hulk team.”

It looks to be an exciting take on the new twists and turns on the Hulk mythos. Plus, Shalvey’s art always looks amazing. This definitely looks like no exception to that, thanks to the two pages revealed by Marvel.com.

Don’t miss this colossal new tale when Immortal Hulk: Flatline hits stores this January from Marvel Comics!

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