Matt Lesniewski’s ‘Static’ OGN Announced For April 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Comics announces a new sci-fi/horror graphic novel from writer/artist Matt Lesniewski and colorist Carlos Badilla.
‘Emmett never thought his life would be like this. Especially not for this long. Every day is the same, and it’s a living hell. The eccentric scientist’s muscle-for-hire will do anything to break from a decade’s long cycle of déjà vu. When Emmett unknowingly causes the spark that brings his life to a boiling point, a domino effect of chaotic events leads to an ironic fate.’
Lesniewski says:

Before ever writing or drawing a thing, I had been thinking about the idea for this story for several years. It went through many different iterations, but the core idea never went away: a character who one day realized their life had passed them by. Hence, the title Static. Ironically, this story would sometimes leave my mind, but it always came back, never really going anywhere.

Static hits comic shops April 28th, 2021, and bookstores May 11th, 2021. Pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at your local comic shop.

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