Art For Art’s Sake #76: Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream

by Richard Bruton

Pull up a chair, relax, forget about the absolute shite show going on outside your doors right now and get ready for another Art For Art’s Sake.

Incredible Bob Peak artwork from Modesty Blaise – full and detail – it’s that good!

Couple of Bollands… Dredd and Madman…

Carl PottsDoctor Strange #63

Classic Tarzan by Frank Frazetta

And another classic – Doorway To Nightmare #3 – Michael Kaluta

Eric Cenete

Francesca Francavilla – Secret Avengers

Jaime Hernandez – Classic Maggie…

Fred Hembeck

Richard Piers Rayner Hellblazer

And Sean Phillips on the same…

Gipi – Garage Band

And because I finally got around to listening to the Dirk Maggs adaptation of Sandman over the last week (pretty good – sticks a little too literally to the comics – practically word for word literally – but still highly enjoyable) – time for a few Sandman pieces…

Charles Vess – Mr Sandman…

Terry Dodson – Death

Dustin Nygen – Delerium

Alex Maleev – Desire

Michael Zulli – Death

Sam Kieth

Frank Quitely

Sandman Overture – JH Williams

And a JH Williams Overture original…

Jill Thompson

P Craig Russell

David Hitchcock

Simon Bisley

And finally, the whole gang, again by Michael Zulli

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