Cottagecore Graphic Novel ‘The Sprite And The Gardener’ Coming In Summer 2021

by James Ferguson

Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group has announced The Sprite and the Gardener, the debut graphic novel from Rii Abrego and Joe Whitt, with lettering by Crank! Set for release in May 2021, the comic looks and sounds charming and delightful.

Long, long ago, sprites were the caretakers of gardens. Every flower was grown by their hand. But when humans appeared and began growing their own gardens, the sprites’ magical talents soon became a thing of the past. When Wisteria, an ambitious, kind-hearted sprite, starts to ask questions about the way things used to be, she begins to unearth her long-lost talent of gardening. But her newly honed skills might not be the welcome surprise she intends them to be. 

The Sprite and the Gardener began as a single-sentence, self-contained comic page that was posted online and met with more enthusiasm than I could have ever imagined.” says Rii Abrego. “I’m so thrilled to have been able to work with Joe to adapt it into something that’s new but still maintains those same core concepts: the desire to spread kindness, to channel love into action, and, of course, my own personal desire to draw lots and lots of flowers.”

“Working as a co-writer was something I had never done before, and I think the experience helped me better understand Wisteria’s own struggle with communicating and asking for help,” said Joe Whitt. “Working with Rii, it was especially that way. Seeing her take our sketches and scribbles and transform them into lovely sequences and life is really something!”

The Sprite and the Gardener is set for release on May 5th, 2021. It is currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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