Something For The Weekend: Another Ten To Takeaway From The Past Week Of Posts

by Olly MacNamee

We do hope you’ve enjoyed your week and are currently enjoying your weekend too. We further hope we can add to that enjoyment with our regular Saturday afternoon top ten to takeaway to read at your leisure. Another list of reviews, previews and more from the past week in comics, TV and gaming, with a heavy slant on all things comic book related this week.

  1. The big three titles making ripples this week were all indie titles. First up we have AfterShock’s sell-out success We Live #1 making the news as well as a review by Brendan M Allen here.
  2. Then there was this week’s hot new comic, The Scumbag #1 from Image Comics and reviewed here.
  3. And finally we had a favourable review of new title The Vain #1 from ONI Press here.
  4. There was a thirst for horror too this past week with a preview of the new AHOY anthology horror/humour title Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #1 here
  5. … and a catch up with AHOY EiC Tom Peyer discussing this new title here.
  6. ‘New to You Comics’ took a look back at Dark Horse’s Aliens: Dust to Dust in this week’s column, which you’ll find here.
  7. Previews proved popular this week too. Whether in was for new Blade Runner 2029 comic from Titan Comics (here)…
  8. … or Marvel’s Maestro #3 by Peter David and Dale Keown which you can scope out again here.
  9. As it’s the weekend, we’ll leave you with two videos. First up we have a teaser for Studio La Cachette’s new animation series Mehdi: Delivery which you can view here.
  10. And, a great anime parody of a cartoon classic Suponjibobu: Bubble Bass Arc here.

That’s it once again. Have a good one, everyone.



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