Super Sunday (Part 3): Young Love And Old Enemies – ‘Legion Of Super-Heroes’ #10 Previewed

by Olly MacNamee

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Ryan Sook
Inks: Wade von Grawbadger
Colour art by: Jordie Bellaire
“A grudge that has endured 1,000 years! The unstoppable behemoth Rogol Zaar has survived the millennium to haunt Jonathan Kent where he least expected it! It’s a menace so terrible the Legion of Super-Heroes may not survive. Was this the challenge Brainiac 5 predicted? Is the Legion up to the task? Plus, who is dating whom in the 31st century? Another searing chapter in the far-flung future of the DC Universe, courtesy of Bendis, Sook, and von Grawbadger!”
Legion of Super-Heroes #10 is out Tuesday 27th October from DC Comics.

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