HBO Max Unveils The ‘Titans’ Red Hood Costume

by Erik Amaya

The Red Hood is about to make his mark on HBO Max’s Titans and the streaming service has been kind enough to send along this concept art of the infamous DC Comics anti-villain.

Designed by Laura Jean “LJ” Shannon, the costume features a certain authenticity which has been the hallmark of Titans‘s Batfamily costume design. Shannon also designed the Robin costumes for the series, Season 2’s Nightwing costume, and, well, all of the program’s costumes. Sure, a handful of characters have yet to don comic book accurate designs — although, in Raven (Teagan Croft) and Starfire’s (Anna Diop) cases, those supersuits would be quite impractical for shooting in the cool temps of Toronto — but Shannon goes out of her way to maintain a fidelity to the comics one does not often see on these shows.
Red Hood is no exception with the armor pieces, mask, and hood all offering that vision of a broken Robin the character evolved into over the last few decades. As in the comics, Jason Todd (Curran Walters) is under the mask. Despite Dick Grayson’ (Brenton Thwaites) best efforts to offer Jason moral support and understanding in the most recent season, Jason’s path to breaking bad started long ago. And in Season 3, Jason will adopt the initially villainous alter-ego. But considering the comic book Red Hood’s redemption, will the Jason of Titans remain a bad guy for long?
While it may still be sometimes before Titans goes back into production, the first two season will join HBO Max on November 1st.

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