Mirka Andolfo’s ‘Mercy’ Gets A Spin-Off Mini-Series In 2021

by Olly MacNamee

Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy gets a spin-off series in 2021. Entitled Merciless, this new mini-series will  be written by Andolfo and will be illustrated by up and coming artist Siya Oum (Black Racer, Fathom, DC Bombshells United, Batman Beyond, Lola XOXO).
Merciless will be set immediately after the events of Mercy #6, as Andolfo explains to The Hollywood Reporter:
“While I was writing the sixth issue of Mercy, I did realize that I simply couldn’t end the story. I mean: Lady Hellaine’s story had to finish (as I had foreseen), but the world I built in Mercy had to be the set for more stories to be told. And I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the character of Rory, especially after the final cliffhanger. I talked to my Italian publisher (which produced Mercy) and to Image, and I had enthusiastic feedback. And I had the chance to call a creator I do adore, both professionally and personally: Siya accepted to work with me on this story, and I really can’t wait to show something more…”

As for the new series, here’s a synopsis of the forthcoming book:

“Things are starting to turn around for Rory—financial security, status, a sense of belonging—but if it’s one thing she’s learned over the years it’s that good things don’t last. How could they when someone is ready to bring the “new” Lady Hellaine back to the harsh reality… It will be increasingly difficult for Rory to try to have a normal life. Even if she deserves it. Maybe.”
But, don’t hold you breath as Merciless #1 won’t be available in late 2021.

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