Review: Filling In The Gaps In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #50.LR

by James Ferguson


So that’s what happened in Amazing Spider-Man #50. If only there was a way to put it all in one place instead of spiraling out into a bunch of side issues…


With Kindred’s identity (sort of) revealed, “Last Remains” is in full swing. He’s infected the Web of Life and Destiny, turning the rest of the Spider family into monsters hunting Spider-Man across the city. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn struggles with guilt since his evil tendencies have been “cured” by the Sin-Eater. What role will he play in this event?

I will say right off the bat that I’m not a fan of these extra issues with the weird numbering. It’s just an odd choice and it’s a little annoying. That being said, I understand why Marvel is doing this as these bonus issues will focus on the supporting characters while the main ones will be all about Peter Parker.
The problem I had with this issue in particular is that much of it really should have been part of Amazing Spider-Man #50. This fills in the gaps about what happened to the other Spider heroes which was missing previously. As such, this feels like half an issue, not a full one as you need both comics in order to make a full story.

That’s a bummer because writers Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg introduce some pretty compelling ideas, particularly with Osborn. I have to wonder what’s in store for him if he’s really cleansed of sins. Can he be on the side of angels?
Much of this issue is setup for “Last Remains” which again, should have really happened in the previous chapter. We get a better understanding of the stakes involved and a few are raised. The cliffhanger ending is a little confusing though as it makes me wonder why an entire side series was set up in the first place. It seems like Kindred is just toying with Spider-Man and his family and allies with no clear plan, which serves as a nice metaphor for most of this run.

Federico Vicentini’s artwork is visceral, especially with the possessed Spider family. These characters have been transformed into monstrous versions of themselves with sharp teeth, spikes, and claws. Of course, since they’re still in there somewhere, Peter has to pull his punches. This makes for some interesting battles.
Their first encounter is underwater, creating some added stress. Letterer Joe Caramagna highlights the frantic nature of this with a number of smaller caption boxes showing just a few words in each. It coincides with Peter’s quick thinking. My favorite piece comes when the wall-crawler fires off some webs down there. This pops up with a more distorted version of the typical “Thwip” given the setting.

Contrast this with Norman’s scenes which are full of ominous shadows as he does some soul searching. You can see the weight of his guilt weighing him down. He’s not his normal confident and evil self. Again, this makes for a rather riveting idea. Colorist Marcio Menyz plays up the darkness around the characters as he wrestles with his regrets.
Now that the groundwork has been laid for “Last Remains” I’m looking forward to it really getting going. There are some interesting ideas in here, but I’m mostly hoping for answers. If some of these mysteries could at least get some clarity, that would be great. Since we have no idea how or why Kindred is doing any of this, there’s no investment in this battle yet.
Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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