‘A3: Still Alive’ Celebrates Launch Date With New Pre-Event

by Gary Catig

Last month, players could pre-register for the upcoming mobile game, A3: Stay Alive. The dark fantasy open world RPG is based on the original A3 which is an online PC game. Developer, Netmarble, recently announced that the title will be launching on November 10.

Fans will be able to enter this dark world of strife, conflict and turmoil. As part of the reveal, the official A3: Stay Alive website is hosting the “Character Name Reservation Event”. The first 10,000 people who enter their proposed in-game name can receive an A3 Radienne Vanguard Coupon with in-game items worth $100. These items include:

  • 1000 Blue Diamonds (A3: STILL ALIVE’s premium currency)
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 500,000 Mana Stones
  • 700x Ethers
  • 10x Weapon / Armor Enhancement Stone Chest
  • 10x Accessory Enhancement Stone Chest
  • 30x Megaphones
  • 20x ‘Level 2’ Feathers of Protection

You can still pre-register for A3: Stay Alive in the App Store and Google Play in 172 countries.

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