Review: We Are Not Our Trauma In ‘Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn’ #2

by James Ferguson


Is history destined to repeat itself in this alternate universe? Or will good triumph over evil? Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn rockets to its conclusion.


The frightening Eclipta prepares to devastate the city and destroy what’s left of Drakkon’s empire. That is, if those forces don’t destroy themselves first. Jason has been revealed as the Unknown Ranger and he has some thoughts as to how things should be run. After all, he’s had quite a lot of time to think about when he was imprisoned. Will the Rangers reconcile their differences in time to stop Eclipta?

The climax of this three-issue mini-series is more focused on character development than it is on bombastic action sequences. Writer Anthony Burch makes arguments between these familiar faces absolutely riveting, like the fate of the world is hanging in the balance. In many ways it is as they can’t get through this without each other.

Although Jason’s heart is in the right place, his mind is not. He has a black-and-white perspective as to what it means to be a Power Ranger, especially after he had his Power Coin stolen from him by Lord Drakkon some time ago. If he has a chance to get that back and restore the Power Rangers, isn’t that a good thing?

The theme here is that sometimes you can’t go back home. The life that Jason knew is gone. This power has been shared to an entire army and he would be selfish if he took it all for himself. Burch builds this up in a fascinating crescendo as Jason suddenly realizes the path he’s heading down. It’s beautiful.

The points are driven home in some great spreads by artist Simone Ragazzoni. You see two different perspectives of the evil of Lord Drakkon between Kimberly and Jason. They both went through a lot and these are traumas they’re still dealing with, however how they are handling it is what is making the difference.

As much as I love the character stuff, we do get a big fight scene to close out Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn. It’s fitting for the franchise, moving at a mile a minute in a bright flash. Colorist Raul Angulo does some great work showing the vibrant nature of the Rangers facing a fiery and terrifying villain. You get the sense that this is really their last stand. It’s all on the line here.

Ragazzoni’s pencils are a little looser than I would like with some forms looking a little odd, but it’s overall pretty solid. The action scenes really shine with some dynamic layouts that feel like quick cuts on a TV screen. Letterer Ed Dukeshire adds to this excitement with some big exclamations in dialogue. You understand the tension each character is facing as they run headlong into battle.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3 closes the door on this alternate universe, but it leaves a window open for more stories to be told. If they are the caliber of this one, with its stellar character work and insane action, I will welcome them. It packed a whole lot of heart in a small amount of pages.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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