Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Rumble In The Jungle With An Extended Preview Of ‘Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa 1974’ From Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Today marks the anniversary of one of the world’s most famous sporting matches. On the 30th October 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), the most famous boxing match of the 20th Century took place, watched by a record estimated television audience of 1 billion viewers worldwide. The ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, saw the then 32 year-old underdog Muhammad Ali take on a 25 year-old George Foreman in a fight to win back his world champion belt after his 4-year ban.

Award-winning writer Jean-David Morvan (Wolverine) and  photo-journalist Abbas bring together art (by Rafael Ortiz) and photographs in this new mixed media graphic novel that offers up a whole new perspective on the most watched live TV event of its era.  And, to celebrate the date, Titan Comics have provided an extended preview of Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa 1974 their forthcoming graphic novel, out February 2021.

“Now, the photojournalist Abbas immortalises this legendary meeting, having kept his photos in his personal archives for 36 years before unveiling them to the world. This unique graphic novel masterpiece both reveals and reimagines the context of the most powerful photographs taken by one of the greatest photographers of the Magnum Photos agency. Enriched by the testimony of Abbas himself, Jean-David Morvan’s script is rigorously brought to life by artist Rafael Ortiz.”


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