Claudia Doumit And Colby Minifie Promoted To Series Regulars For ‘The Boys’ Third Season

by Erik Amaya

Colby Minifie‘s character, Ashley Barrett, would be so proud.
Deadline reports the actor, along with guest star Claudia Doumit, have been promoted to series regulars for the third season of Amazon’s The Boys. Minifie play Barrett, the often stressed Vought production assistant who managed to become executive vice president of Hero Management thanks her ability to survive the abuses and terror of the Supes. Doumit, meanwhile, plays Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, a junior member of the legislature with more than a passing resemblance to real-life congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Both characters recurred on the series — Minifie appeared throughout both Seasons 1 and 2 while Doumit was a season 2 addition — but bringing them on as regulars means the characters will be involved in meatier plots and extend beyond the punchlines they often carry. Of course, it also puts the characters in danger as The Boys has a habit of killing off its female regulars.
Though not yet in production, the series will resume with the rest of the cast and Jensen Ackles, who joins the series as Soldier Boy, the world’s original superhero.
The Boys is expected to return sometime in 2021.

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