Hibernia Comics Reprint Wagner And Grant’s 80s Horror Strip ‘The House Of Daemon’ For Halloween

by Olly MacNamee

Hibernia Comics are reprinting John Wagner, Alan Grant and José Ortiz’s horror classic, The House of Daemon just in time for Halloween.

Originally published in the new-look The Eagle from issue #25 (September 11, 1982) to issue #47 (February 12, 1983) it was one of the few strips in this relaunched comic book that was drawn. Most of the other strips in this version of The Eagle were photographed strips, popular in girls’ magazines of the era bit not really a thing I boys’ comics as I can attest. The artwork on this was amazing, even for its time, but lost in the poorer quality of the rest of the comic book.

And now, the whole saga is being reprinted in its entirety for a whole new generation of comic book fans, and some older ones too who remover the trip fondly but were often frustrated by the small weekly doses we got. So, it’s really good to see I can get a copy and read it in its entirety without those terrible photographic strips polluting my reading experience. And, what stunning art too. I think it was lost on me as a kid, but I;ve come something of a fan of Ortiz as an adult. A hugely underrated artist who had a back for the more gothic and macabre as is evident on this new printing.

“Elliot Aldrich had built a dream house-but that dream turned into a nightmare!

Elliot with his wife Cassandra and a few brave companions are trapped in Daemon’s twisted house of terror, a house that Daemon will never let them escape from!

From the pages of the new Eagle Hibernia is proud to present this long out of print classic.

Superbly written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, introduction by Mike Perkins and incomparable art from Spanish master Jose Ortiz, miss this collection at you peril!

UK and Europe please allow 10 working days for delivery, usually much faster, but these books are sent via international  postage, and can on occasion take a  little extra time.”

To order your copy, head over to Hibernia Comics webstore here where you can also find a new reprint of another classic comic strip featured in The Eagle, The Tower King, again illustrated by Ortiz.

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