Happy Halloween: Five Horror Concepts That Might Refresh The Genre

by Benjamin Hall

Many say that no original ideas exist anymore. Whether this is true or not will always be a matter of debate. Yet, it is not the point of this article to present a completely original idea, or add to this debate. Instead this article is meant to provide some fun thoughts for fans of horror and Halloween. It is also worth mentioning that none of the following concepts represent actual projects.

‘Der Schrei der Natur’ (The Scream Of Nature) (1893) by Edvard Munch

The first concept involves a monster that fans and non-fans know: Godzilla! Though instead of the typical movie this one would have humans and demons. The set-up would have to include human governments trying to stop a demonic apocalypse via nuclear warfare. Yet, a mystical spell or whatever prevents it from working, but allows for the nuclear energy to somehow birth Godzilla. Thus, the movie keeps the original anti-nuclear message from the first movie (Godzilla [1954]). Not to mention this movie could focus on different kind of alliances involving humans and/or demons.

The second concept involves the idea of a small time loop. However, the person who is stuck can’t interact with anything or anyone. Thus it is similar to the one in the series Hourman   (Hourman #3-4 [1999]). Yet, the key difference is that this loop doesn’t keep the person alive throughout endless looping. Instead it would be a story that shows the character slowly losing both their mind and health. Therefore this would be a near perfect way to showcase psychological and body horror. Due to the premise’s unsettling nature it would most likely be easier to create via the medium of comics.

The third concept involves the idea of a grey goo apocalypse. As for the plot, it would involve someone, or a sentient artificial intelligence, creating the tiny self-replicating robots. Also they either come from the future or an alternate universe. However, there would be a twist to this concept. For example the robots are trying to help reverse the effects of climate change. Yet, due to a delay or misunderstanding of a corresponding message humanity fails to realize this. Thus this could be a story showing how human nature is humanity’s own worst enemy.

The fourth concept is a different take on the Alien franchise (Alien [1979]). Instead of the Xenomorphs being the focus we actually get the company Weyland-Yutani. It could happen as a Game of Thrones style show (Game of Thrones [2011-2019). Thus each season can explore what is occurring during, and in-between, each respective movie. As for the horror element maybe the executives could see footage of the various failures to capture the Xenomorphs.

The fifth concept involves adapting a variety of horror stories. This would need to happen as a series or a mini-series. Either way it would adapt stories from creatives such as writer Anne Rice or manga creator Junji Ito. However, instead of a straight adaptation it would completely twist one of their stories. For example the work of Ito usually involves body horror and bad ends for the character (Uzumaki [2013]). Thus an adaptation of an Ito story starts with the horror yet ends with a too cute and happy ending. In other words fans of horror get a reverse on the stories they have come to know.

These concepts may not be one hundred percent original. Still they are refreshing enough to provide a possible renewal of interest from cynical horror fans. Happy Halloween!

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