Preview: Black Cat And Doctor Strange Team-Up In ‘Spider-Man’ #51.LR

by Olly MacNamee

As well as a number of Halloween themed articles and reviews we’ll be posting throughout the day, we’ll also be bringing you very tenuously linked previews of new comics coming out next week too. So, that’ll be previews of Spider-Man #51.LR, Batman #102 and Black Widow #3. I know, I know, but I did admit these were tenuous at best.

Here’s a preview for Spider-Man #51.LR to keep you distracted!

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Nick Spencer
Art by Federico Vicentini
Cover by Marcelo Ferreira

The Order of the Web has to find a way to help Peter Parker! But someone is on their trail that is not going to make their quest easy!

Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR is out Wednesday 4th November from Marvel.

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