Something For The Weekend: The Best Treats From Last Week’s Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Happy Halloween everyone! Even if it’s something of a damp squid of an affair. Or should that be a damp Cthulhu of an affair, in keeping with the season? Either way, you can always rely of us to bring you a weekly digest of the best of our reviews, comic book announcements and more. So, slide into Halloween with this weekend’s ten-to-takeaway:

  1. We’ll start you off with a set of previews for comics that came out this past week and books you may be thinking of picking up this weekend if you’re heading for your local store. Popular preview included a look at Marvel’s Strange Academy #1 here, Legion of Super-Heroes #10 here (which I am personally enjoying) and Suicide Squad #10 here, a book that’s cancelled, but seems to still be quite popular. Have DC Comics maybe put this one down too early, do you think?
  2. Sticking with comics, we also brought you a look at the newest sword bearers to come forth in the current X-Men crossover X of Swords from our regular mutant expert, Tony Thornley here.
  3. On the review front we brought you an advance review for The Department of Truth #2 here.
  4. Gideon Falls #26 was also reviewed this past week which you can read here.
  5. And finally we have another entry from regular new comic book reviewing column, ‘New to You Comics’ in which our two reviewers discuss Vampironica from Archie Comics and just in time for Halloween. Read their discussion of this trade collection here.
  6. We ran a piece for the return of Tripwire, the comic book and genre magazine, back into print with a one-shot special coming this fall. If you want to know more about this campaign then read all about it here.
  7. One last bit of comic book related news made it onto this comic book heavy list and that as the plea by Trina Robbins for readers to keep their eyes peeled on stolen original comic book art. Check out the story here, spread the word and keep ’em peeled.
  8. HBO unveiled the first look at Titans’ Red Hood, who will be joining this series with season three. Take a look at the costume here.
  9. Film reviewer, Rachel Bellwoar, took a look at classic spooky silver screen movie, Supernatural, out now on Blu-Ray here.
  10. And finally, we leave you not with a post from the past week, but this musical mash-up for Halloween: Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr and Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. Have a ghoulishly good Halloween everyone, but please do it safely.

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