Review: ‘Colonel Weird: Cosmagog’ #1 Redefines Cosmic Heroes

by James Ferguson


What’s next for our cosmic hero with the shattered mind? Get ready for another fascinating character study in the Black Hammer universe.


Whatever happened to Colonel Randall Weird? Sure, the guy was always a little out there, but did he ever have a grip on his sanity? What sent him over the edge? Where is he now? Colonel Weird: Cosmagog spotlights the hero and in typical Black Hammer fashion, changes the game for the sci-fi genre.

What is amazing about Colonel Weird: Cosmagog is how much it says without having to outright say it. We learn a tremendous amount about the character’s past and origins without having to explicitly point out when and where each event takes place in the timeline. We bounce around a bit and writer Jeff Lemire and artist Tyler Crook provide more than enough information for us to fill in the gaps.

It’s clear that Weird’s mind is shattered, however he seems to be existing across time and space. Remember how Dr. Manhattan saw the world in Watchmen? It’s kind of like that, allowing Weird to see all time periods of his life at once. The difference here is that the experience has driven him insane and he’s struggling to keep things together.

This is beautifully illustrated by Crook, particularly towards the end of this issue as several of Weird’s selves come together. The image breaks like shattered glass, sending pieces every which way, showing how fragile the character’s hold on reality really is.

Crook differentiates each time period with a unique color palette. The present day looks washed out and desolate, like Weird is the only person in the world. Contrast that with his first time in space, full of bright greens and wonder or his time fighting the Anti-God, illuminating by the fires all around the city.

There’s a sadness pulsing through Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1. You really feel for the character as he has lost everything, yet he’s trying desperately to hold on to any semblance of himself. It’s as poignant as it is moving.

Black Hammer has never missed a beat and Colonel Weird: Cosmagog is another solid entry into this fascinating series. This is proof positive that you can still do new and interesting things with super heroes. In this case, the creative team explores science-fiction and cosmic heroes in a story that is absolutely riveting from beginning to end. This is a more human take on Green Lantern and Silver Surfer than we’ve ever received and it’s amazing.

Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1 from Dark Horse Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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