2000AD Expand On Its Digital-Only Releases Throughout 2021

by Olly MacNamee

After a surge in digital sales of classic 2000AD related titles due to the UK lockdown and other factors, Rebellion have decided to offer up a whole slate of digital-only releases throughout 2021.

A lot of the titles on offer are either out of print or never been distributed digitally before.

The first release coming from teh publishers of 2000AD is a special edition of John Tomlinson and Simon Jacob’s Armoured Gideon (coming in January) which features never-before-reprinted extra stories ‘No, No, Nanette’ from 2000 AD Prog #722, ‘Starhavon’s Edge’ from the 1990 2000 AD Sci Fi Special and ‘Making Movies’ from the 1992 2000 AD Sci Fi Special.

Gideon is a mechanical ghost-buster from the abode of demons, dubbed ’The Edge’, who keeps the temporal plane clear of supernatural interference!

Following on from that, in February, will be Tom Tully, John Richardson, Steve Dillon and Johnny Johnstone’s The Mean Arena, “a brutal mix of rugby, football and all-out street brawls, devised by greedy promoters and played in evacuated towns where the possibility of death lurks around every corner!”

And there’s more. Here’s the full list of forthcoming 2021 releases, with a new title out every month:

6th January: Armoured GideonJohn Tomlinson, Alan McKenzie (w) Simon Jacob, Sean Phillips (a)

3rd February: Revere John Smith (w) Simon Harrison (a)

3rd March: The Mean Arena Volume 1: The Southampton SharksTom Tully (w) John Richardson, Steve Dillon, Johnny Johnstone (a)

7th April: Flesh: Midnight Cowboys Pat Mills (w) James McKay (a)

5th May: Time FliesGarth Ennis (w) Philip Bond, John Beeston, Roger Langridge (a)

2th June: Slaughter BowlJohn Smith (w) Paul Peart (a)

7th July: Aquila Volume II: The Burning FieldsGordon Rennie (w) Paul Davidson, Patrick Goddard (a)

4th August: Bad City BlueAlan Grant (w) Robin Smith (a)

1st September: FirekindJohn Smith (w) Paul Marshall (a)

6th October: Dark Justice: Torture GardenDavid Hine (w) Nick Percival (a)

3rd November: Tales from the Black Museum: Volume One – including John Wagner, Al Ewing, Dan Abnett, Simon Spurrier, John Smith, Alan Grant (w) Shaun Thomas, John Ridgway, Dylan Teague, Rufus Dayglo, Dean Ormston (a)

1st December   Durham Red: Born BadAlec Worley (w) Ben Willsher, Lee Carter (a)

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