Something For The Weekend: Escape The Election With Our Selection Of Previews, Reviews And More

by Olly MacNamee

As the election continues to drag on and get more ugly, you may want a break from it all and escape into the wonderful world of comics, TV and more. Well, we have the remedy for you right here with a selection of some of our more popular posts from the past week. What better way to unwind from it all and catch up on something other than politics?

Let’s have it shall we?

  1. The start of the week brought another new set of exclusive and extended previews courtesy of Dynamite with Red Sonja #5 a popular preview. Check it out again here. Also previewed this week was IDW’s one-shot Star Wars Adventures: Shadow of Vader’s Castle which you can catch here.
  2. Tony Thornley also reviewed Legion of Super-Heroes #10 here too.
  3. We also brought you news about an all new Kickstarter campaign for new graphic novel Wahcommo here. And, look out for our forthcoming interview with creator Luis NCT next week for more on this fabulous fantasy project.
  4. Fellow senior editor James Ferguson brought us news that John Barrowman’s Acursian was making the leap into print courtesy of Legendary Comics. Read more about it here.
  5. This week Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen took a look back at The Unsound in their weekly column ‘New to You Comics’ here. A regular feature on this list these days and good to see it doing so well still with readers.
  6. On the gaming front Gary Catig gave us a review of Nintendo Switch’s Seven Knights – Time Wanderer here.
  7. One of our regular film critics, Rachel Bellwoar, has been working overtime this past week or so reviewing a great deal of films that made up part of this year’s 29th Philadelphia Film Festival. And it would seem Black Bear, starring Park and Recreations Aubrey Plaza hit the mark with our readers (check out her review here), as well as her review for Preparations To Be Together For An Unknown Period Of Time (here).
  8. Tito W James brought us a look at the new Helluva Boss episode ‘Murder Family’ which you can watch here.
  9. Koom Kankesan gave us not one but two reviews for the classic double bill of The Lady From Shanghai and Body Heat which you can read here.
  10. And, last but nit least I bring you my chat with writer Peter Milligan as we discuss his new AHOY Comic book Happy Hour #1 here.

That’s a decent selection of various bits and pieces and more than enough to keep you busy for a while. So, enjoy the reading and have a great weekend.

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