Kickstarting Comics: Latinx Fantasy Saga ‘Helm Greycastle’

by Olly MacNamee

The genre of fantasy is about to become more diversified thanks to Henry Barajas and his new Kickstarter campaign launched today for new comic book series, Helm Castle. And, like so many of this new generation of BAME creators what inspired him was the lack of Latinx characters in these worlds of fantasy and role play. As Barajas explains:

“I love playing ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ with my best friends and I grew up loving Peter Jackson’s take on JRR Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. But I never see people like myself in the fantasy world. I want to show the rich, bloody history of Mexico while bringing latinx characters into the fantasy realm.”

Included in the 24 page first issue will be a one-shot role-playing game compatible with the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook to entice RPG fans with the usual various amount of pledges to suit all wallet sizes. So, at one end of this isle you have a $6 pledge that’ll get you a digital copy of the comic, with the other nd of that scale offering an ‘Original Art Cover’ and more for $350.

Written by Barajas with art by Rahmat M. Handoko, colour at by co-creator Bryan Valenza and lettering by Gabriela Downie, this new campaign has the 30 days more to run and finishes on Wednesday 10th December 2020.

Check out an exclusive look at several work-in-progress interior page to get a better flavour of this high fantasy and high quality comic book:

For more on this new Kickstarter, visit Barajas’ campaign here now.

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