Review: Rabid Devotion And Spider Monsters Await In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #51.LR

by James Ferguson


How has Kindred’s plan affected the extended Spider family? Black Cat and Mary Jane get pulled into this tangled web as the Sin-Eater rises once again.


Kindred’s master plan is kicking into high gear. It’s not only having ramifications for Spider-Man, but also the extended Spider Family. Mary Jane is back in New York too and will surely play a part. Meanwhile, the Sin-Eater wakes up in Ravencroft without his powers or his master. What will he do next?

These extra issues of Amazing Spider-Man serve to round out the overall “Last Remains” storyline. There are pieces in here that could have definitely fit into the main series, but I’ll take it based on how this is developing. The spotlight shifts between a few players in this chapter including Mary Jane, Black Cat, and Sin-Eater, all while giving us a deeper perspective on the Spider Family’s transformation into monsters.

Writers Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg weave these threads together in an interesting manner, particularly the Sin-Eater’s awakening and the Spider Family’s reign of terror. The former’s narration is super imposed on the destruction unleashed by Kindred’s new toys. It works together to create a rather ominous tone.

Letterer Ariana Maher delivers this narration in powerful, well-placed caption boxes. Each word sounds crazier than the last, showing the Sin-Eater’s rabid devotion to Kindred, even though it seems the villain has turned his back on this pawn.

I love the monstrous quality of Spider-Woman, Silk, and the others. Artist Federico Vicentini makes these characters appear rough and jagged, like they were torn out of the womb instead of birthed. One particularly frightening detail comes with the mouths of these folks. Most of them are wearing masks that cover the jawline, but in these new forms they’ve changed into gaping maws full of sharp teeth. Think about that for a second. The cloth has become part of them and is included in the transformation. Creepy stuff.

Vicentini does a solid job with the human forms too, conveying emotion well and adding a ton of personality. Colorist Marcio Menyz amplifies this with a palette that sets the mood for each scene. During the Spiders’ attack, the sky is a fiery yellow, as if the sun is setting on the wall-crawler’s life. Contrast this with the Black Cat’s home which has some shadows, but is otherwise warm and unaffected by Kindred’s plans just yet.

We’re just getting started with “Last Remains” and these first few chapters have definitely laid the groundwork. This issue has an odd cliffhanger that I didn’t see coming, although it feels like an extra thread. One thing this series doesn’t need is more plot threads, especially as they’re finally starting to come together.

Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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