Talking With Stuart Moore About ‘Captain Ginger: Dogworld’ From AHOY Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Today sees the bookstore release of Captain Ginger: Dogworld, by Stuart Moore and June Brigman. Continuing the adventures of Captain Ginger and his all-feline crew as they set down on a new planet. A planet populated by pooches! After a celebratory weekend we managed to catch up with writer and co-creator Stuart Moore, and coxed him into talking about this new collection.


Olly MacNamee: Captain Ginger returns in a second volume of his fantastic feline adventures in space but this time they’ve come across a planet full of dogs having followed the decoded message they received at the end of the first volume, and… well, they don’t behave towards each other as I would have thought? In fact, that get on remarkably well. Why is that?

Stuart Moore: Well, it’s not all cat treats and butt-sniffing. Without getting too spoilery, the situation keeps shifting. But really, what I tried to do was just throw the various personality types into a species-threatening situation and see how people behave. Some people (and cats, and dogs) rise to an occasion like that; other people (etc.) don’t.

OM: The good captain had his fair share of problems in the first volume. But here he’s under pressure from all sides; the Lumen, ship discipline at an all time low and a planet full of dogs too! And that’s just in the first issue! It only get worse for him once again. What kind of leadership will we be seeing from him in this volume?

SM: In the first volume, Captain Ginger’s leadership was always under threat. Because…well, cats, right? They’re not naturally followers, and they don’t accept authority easily. Anyone who’s ever tried to throw a 17-pound tabby out of the bed at five am (ROCKO) knows that.

Dogworld proceeds from a slightly different starting point: In the first chapter, Captain Ginger makes a mistake. A big mistake. Everything that follows spins out of that.

OM: And, there’s a good deal more new characters you’re introducing too, on both sides. I know you and June (Brigman) are cat lovers. But, any particular favourites amongst the canine crowd you enjoyed writing for?

SM: I have a fondness for ’Stroke, the bull terrier. He’s just a solid dude, helpful and straightforward, but he’s carrying around a secret grudge inside.

I also came to love Fifi, the chihuahua. She’s based on June Brigman’s childhood pet. There’s a photo of them in the back of the book that will melt your heart.

OM: Luckily for you, June has had some experience with dogs. I’m interested to know who then led on the characters design for this second volume? Did you and June have any specific dog breeds in mind for particular characters? Treever, the pack leader I mentioned earlier, for example, is well suited cast as a friendly black Labrador.

SM: That was largely June. I gave her a list of characters and personality traits and she suggested breeds. I thought Dr. Snaut was going to be a basset hound, but June drew him beautifully as a lanky greyhound.

No one has figured out the source of Dr. Snaut’s name, by the way. Hit me up on Twitter if you recognize it.

OM: For a funny book about cats and dogs, it certainly has its fair share of drama and of tragedy. And, we’re not even done yet it would seem. Was it important to you that the story you were telling wasn’t simply Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew for the 21st century? 

SM: It was important that it be a real story with real characters. The seeds of that tragedy were sown way back in our very first issue. When we started this series, I paced it out very carefully so we could slow down in the middle and deal with that. These are creatures on the run for their lives, relying on science they don’t fully understand. The stakes are high, and there will be casualties.

OM: So, where now for our growing cast? This is far from over isn’t it?

SM: There will be more. I share June with other projects, including a certain Marvel team that she’s well known for. But we’re figuring out how Ginger Book Three will work—format, duration, etc.

OM: As ever, Stuart, many thanks for your time, and all the best with Captain Ginger: Dogworld when it comes out this week from AHOY Comics.


Captain Ginger: Dogworld is available now from AGHOY Comics.

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