Bemis and Stockman’s ‘Savage’ Now Arrives February 2021

by Gary Catig
SAVAGE Promo Art by Nathan Stockman & Brian Reber

It seems so long ago but it was only last March when Valiant Entertainment announced their new Savage series. Much like with Shadowman, the pandemic caused a delay in its release. Readers can now expect the first issue to come out in February 2021.

The creative team is comprised of writer, Max Bemis, artist, Nathan Stockman, colorist, Triona Farrell, and letterer, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Together they bring you an action-packed adventure filled with impressive artwork, tons of laughs and a truly unpredictable tale.

The titular character grew up on an isolated island filled with fierce dinosaurs and dangerous marauders and somehow survived. As an adult, he resides in London where he has become internet famous. While he settles back into civilization, the city is invaded by dinosaurs and Savage must hunt them down to save his new home.

Senior Editor, Heather Antos, expresses her excitement for the character:

“We’re bringing Kevin ‘Savage’ Sauvage to the forefront of the Valiant Universe in 2021. No longer is he trapped in the alternate dimension known as the Faraway — rather he’s right on our doorsteps in modern-day London! Exploring some of the strongest Valiant tenets of questioning what it means to carry the responsibility and choice of being a superhero, the action-packed science-fiction of Savage is about as Valiant as Valiant can get.”

Savage #1 arrives February 17, 2021. Covers will be done by artists Marcus To, Christian Ward, Stacey Lee and Giuseppe Camuncoli.


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