HBO Max’s ‘Peacemaker’ Adds Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, And More

by Erik Amaya

HBO Max’s Peacemaker is building its own Suicide Squad.

The streaming services announced new cast members joining the series on Wednesday, which include Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo, Robert Patrick as Auggie Smith, and Chris Conrad as an Adrian Chase who will definitely assume the Vigilante persona. The series will also see The Suicide Squad‘s Jennifer Holland reprise her role as Emilia Harcourt. This is in addition to previously announced star John Cena and Steve Agee, who will make their debuts as Peacemaker and John Economos in the upcoming James Gunn film.

Gunn also returns as writer for all eight episodes of Peacemaker and, according to an HBO Max press release, director of “multiple” episodes. The series will explore the origins of the title character, “a man who believes in peace at any cost — no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.” Previous to Gunn plucking him out of the DC Comics library for The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker was probably best known for inspiring Watchmen‘s Comedian. It will be interesting to see if Gunn makes any nods to that connection.

And since we’re speculating about Watchmen connections, where is the Question?

Peacemaker is set to go into production early next year.

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