Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – A New Power Awakens Episode 2 Releases November 17th

by Sage Ashford

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has a trailer showing gameplay from the second half of its first DLC episode, ‘A New Power Awakens’.  While Part One was focused on the arrival of Beerus and the attempt to reach Super Saiyan God, Episode 2 introduces the storyline from ‘Resurrection of F’, where Goku and Vegeta battled against the resurrected Freiza, testing out the latest version of Super Saiyan they’d attained during their training with Whis.

‘A New Power Awakens Part Two’ also comes with an additional fighting mode known as ‘Mob Battle’, where players face more than 100 enemies at the same time. Players can use AoE moves to take out all their opponents at once in this frantic mode.

‘A New Power Awakens’ Episode 2 is the second half of the first DBZ Kakarot DLC, with a second DLC coming next year.  This DLC releases on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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