Explore The World Of Swordsfall With ‘Drift Of Dreams’ Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

Swordsfall, the Afropunk sci-fantasy universe just got a bit bigger with its first graphic novel, Drift of Dreams. There are several books already in the series, including a very successful setting and artbook that was funded on Kickstarter with over $125,000, but this is its first foray into comics. The graphic novel is aimed at a young adult audience and features a very diverse and inclusive cast and creative team.

Drift of Dreams is written and created by Brandon Dixon and illustrated by Bex Glendining, Bre Indigo, Joshua “Kodo” Small, Kameron White, Maria “Raposa Branca” Scardua, Morgan Madeline, Omotola Oyefodunrin, Sonya Henar, Tanni “Queen Beanie” Brown, and Wayne C. Spencer. It’s edited by Ashley Wright and features covers by Tumo Mere and Chris Cold.

When humans on Tikor fall asleep, they just doing dream in solitude. The human mind drifts to a dimension called the Tapestry. It’s a realm where only humans can enter, protected from outside interference. Or least, that’s how it once was. The lurking dark god, Xavian the Withering King, has found a way to invade it, corrupt it.

The human protectors of the Tapestry, Dreamweavers, have assembled to repel the tide, but how did the dark god break their defenses? With their back against the wall, they call in a Dreamweaver who has explored deeper into the dreamworld than anyone alive, the Seeker. Can the Seeker stop the corruption before it’s too late?

I will admit, I’m not big on the fantasy genre, however Swordsfall has such a rich mythos that I am more than a little curious about this book. There’s a robust amount of information on the Swordsfall website.

Drift of Dreams clocks in at 187 pages. It’s currently available on Amazon and the Swordsfall site.

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