Iban Coello Draws The Past, Present And Future Of Mutantkind For ‘X-Men Legends’ #1

by Tony Thornley

One of the unexpected joys of modern comics collecting is the variant cover. While sometimes a variant can be simply a cash grab, other times readers are treated to something spectacular like the just-revealed variant for February’s X-Men Legends #1.

Though we just learned about the new series earlier this week, we’re already seeing this fantastic three-part variant for the issue by Iban Coello. Earlier this year Coello was announced as one of Marvel’s ‘Stormbreakers’ class of artists to watch. He’s already made his mark on Spider-Man and Venom, however here we see an obvious love for Marvel’s mutants.

“I became a fan of the X-Men with the animated series of the 90s, the comics drawn by Jim Lee, and the arcade fighting video game as well,” Coello said. “Having the opportunity to draw those characters has been like going back to the past. I have really enjoyed doing my interpretation of all these characters!”

Debuting in February 2021, X-Men Legends is a new in-continuity series featuring legendary creators such as Fabian Niceiza, Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Larry Hama, Peter David, and more telling tales of the X-Men’s history.

Check out more about Marvel’s Stormbreakers at Marvel.com/Stormbreakers and watch for Coello’s cover when X-Men Legends #1 is released in February.

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