Disney+ Chooses ‘Darkwing Duck’ For A New Reboot Series

by Erik Amaya

The terror who flaps in the night returns!

Anyone who saw the recent DuckTales special knows there is a resurgence of affection for the Disney Afternoon series Darkwing Duck. It is probably no accident, then, that Disney+ is working on a reboot of the comedy superhero series. Variety reports Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will serve as the executive producers of the program, which suggests it will differ from the current DuckTales take on DW.

The original series, created by Tad Stones, told the story of St. Canard’s premiere — and yet bumbling — crime fighter, his sidekick Launchpad McQuack, and DW’s adopted daughter Gosalyn. Together, they faced various evildoers while Gosalyn and Launchpad tried to manage Darkwing’s ego. In the recent DuckTales revival, Darkwing Duck was Launchpad’s favorite show. And as it was produced by a McDuck business unit, he eventually met the fan club president, Drake Mallard. After helping the McDuck clan repel an invasion of the moon — long story — Drake decided to become Darkwing Duck for real.

In the recent special, DW met Gosalyn Waddlmeyer, a teen orphan who was not part of the fictionalized Darkwing Duck series within the new DuckTales universe.

Confused yet?

Presumably, the new series will have a cleaner origin for DW, Gosalyn, and Launchpad. For decades, Stones maintained the show was in a different reality than DuckTales to account for Launchpad’s presence on both series. The recent DuckTales special also made mention of alternate realities, so it is easy to assume the new show will occur in its own little pocket of continuity.

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