Art For Art’s Sake # 79: Do Re Me So Far So Good?

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – our weekly gift of something nice to look at. After all, you deserve it…

Mister Invincible: Breaking the laws of comics physics – Pascal Jousselin – via Paul Gravett

Nick Abadzis – wonderful extra Laika artwork

Liam Sharp – Green Lantern cover

Paul Harrison-Davies – “Finished my latest commission – The Punisher meets Wallace and Gromit and Preston. Really tricky to photograph this one – I might make a few tweaks before I send it off.”

Paul Rainey – lost episodes of ST:TNG and DS9

George Kambadais – Spidey & Captain Marvel

Eoin Marron – “Finished HULK vs HULKBUSTER 11×17 commission, based on the the scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron! Always enjoy a chance to go semi Otomo on some buildings.”

Peter Kuper –  “My moment as a Superhero cartoonist. Done for Captain America: Red, White and Blue. The only thing they stopped me from doing was having Bucky Barnes in bed with him in the last panel.I was already pushing it!”

Emmett-Helen – ‘Having me on a Hellblazer book would be a HARD sell haha, but a boy can dream.

Roger Langridge

Doug Wildey‘s cover to Jonny Quest #1 by Comico Comics (June, ’86)

Andi Watson – Hellboy

John McCrea Strontium Dog commission

Jeff Smith

Will Kirkby

And to end this weekend – a little bit of Morris’ Lucky Luke… a classic of Euro comics, a brilliant artist…

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