Something For The Weekend: Another Week, Another Selection Of Popular Posts For Your Reading Pleasure

by Olly MacNamee

You know the drill. A selection of some of our more popular posts from the past week all in one place for your entertainment and enjoyment. So, what has caught your collective eye this past week?

  1. Of course, last weekend was dominated by the ongoing pantomime that as the US elections, and so it did not surprise me that Richard Burton’s ‘The Art of Politics: The US Election Special’ did so well. Check it out here.
  2. We also offered a break from USA election shenanigans with last Saturday’s ‘Something for the Weekend’ column that offered readers some respite from the Trump tempest. See what you missed here.
  3. Regular reviewer Benjamin Hall gave us his thoughts on IDW’s G.I. Joe #10 here
  4. And, he also reviewed new AfterShock series Miskatonic #1 here too.
  5. Talking about reviews, Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen took another look at Valiant Comics’ Ivar, Timewalker Vol. 1 here in this week’s ‘New to You Comics’.
  6. Richard Bruton took a deeper look at UK indie rural horror Blood Moon here, edited by our very own ex-EiC Hannah Means-Shannon. Nice!
  7. Brendan M Allen brought us a first look at the the forthcoming BOOM! Studios Dune comic book series, Dune: House Atreides #2 here. But them with anticipation growing for Denis Villeneuve new version, I’m not surprised it was one of the more popular previews of last week.
  8. Fellow Senior Editor James Ferguson gave us a first look at Afropunk graphic novel Drift Of Dreams here.
  9. But, it wasn’t all about comics this week. Koom Kankesan reviewed Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm here. Currently steaming on Amazon Prime.
  10. And, finally, for all you gamers out there, here’s where you’ll get another look at the trailer or new game Varvarion, which isn’t even released yet! But looks lea kinds of cool.

A very comic book heavy list again this week. I wonder what the next week will bring?


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