Thought Bubble Digital Comic Con 2020: Kieron Gillen, Sanford Greene, Duncan Jones, Alex De Campi And More

by Olly MacNamee

Saturday’s Thought Bubble programme was most enjoyable and  taking a look at the schedule for today, it’ll another full and fun day for any comic book fans wanting to get involved. As it’s another wet and windy day here in the UK, it’s the perfect conditions for an online comic convention!

Today brings an interview with Sanford Greene (Bitter Root) a Die RPG play though with Kieron Gillen, as well as Duncan Jones and Alex De Campi (MADI: Once Upon A Time in the Future) discussing ‘Making Stories’ at 6pm (GMT). And rounding off the whole weekend is a conversation with film-maker and comic book fan, Kevin Smith. Now THAT’S how you close a show!

We’ll bring you highlights from the digital con throughout the day right here too, but for now, here’s a pre-con video featuring the art process involved in the recent Planet Divoc-91 9-part webcomic we’ve featured here before and featuring Charlie Adlard, Nick Brokenshire, Matt Kindt, Karrie Fransman and VV Glass.

“Planet Divoc-91 is a 9-part webcomic on Webtoons, which is a participatory arts project with young people in India, South Africa and UK. In this film we get to see some of the art process from Charlie Adlard; Nick Brokenshire; Matt Kindt, Karrie Fransman, Anand RK and VV Glass. Finally the writer for chapter 2 Charlotte Bailey has created a micro-film bringing the protagonist Sanda Oung alive, on the streets of Birmingham! A film to relax to whilst watching some lovely art process.”

Have a god one, and we do hope you choose to head on back this way again later when we’ll also be bringing you a Super Sunday of TKO Presents previews from their newly released Wave Three comic books.

And, for more from Thought Bubble 2020, check out their YouTube channel here.

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