A Lost Team Returns In February’s ‘X-Men’ #18

by Tony Thornley

Earlier this year, three X-Men embarked on a mission, one that all three of them knew they may not return from. In February, we find out what happened.

Cover by Leinil Yu

In X-Men #5, published in January 2020, fan favorite characters Darwin, Synch and Laura Kinney were sent into the Vault, an artificial environment with accelerated time. The X-Men who waited for them outside hoped they would return immediately. As of the end of that issue, the trio had been trapped in the Vault the equivalent of five hundred and thirty-seven years.

In February 2021, X-Men #18 reveals what happened from Jonathan Hickman and Mahmud Asrar. To announce the issue, Marvel revealed the gif below. It’s unclear whether this is the two panels from X-Men #5 by RB Silva showing the trio entering the Vault, or new art by Asrar depicting the same moment. It’s also important to note that Marvel does not say that the trio are rescued or escape the Vault either, so there may be some twist to the story.

Regardless, one of most interesting threads of the Dawn of X is finally being revisited. I just hope it’s for the best.

For your answers, X-Men #18 is available in February 2021, from Marvel Comics.

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