All Elite Wrestling Announces Its First Video Games

by Sage Ashford

During an AEW Games stream designed to imitate an E3 conference, new wrestling company All Elite Wrestling announced three new games coming to console and mobile phones. The first thing they announced was a proper wrestling game developed by Yukes, the developer once responsible for WWE’s annual wrestling games. They also brought in developer Hideyuki Iwashita, known for his work on the WWF No Mercy title from 2000, widely considered one of the best wrestling titles ever developed by long-time fans.

They also confirmed the announcement of a mobile game, AEW Elite GM, where players will be able to book their own matches and create their own storylines. Lastly, they revealed an upcoming casino game, AEW Casino: Double or Nothing, based off the ongoing casino theme that one of their major Pay-Per-Views has.

Currently, none of these games have confirmed release dates.

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