Joëlle Jones’s Future State Wonder Woman To Become The CW’s ‘Wonder Girl’

by Erik Amaya

There will always be room on The CW for another superhero.

Deadline reports the network is developing a Wonder Girl television series based on the upcoming Wonder Woman character created Joëlle Jones. The program will tell the tale of Yara Flor, a Dreamer in the US who is the child of an Amazon and a Brazilian river god. In the DC Comics multiverse, she will debut in January’s Future State: Wonder Woman.

The television series will be produced by Berlanti Productions and Queen of the South executive producer Dailyn Rodriguez. And as it will be part of the Berlanti Arrowverse, Yara will be the first lead Latinx superhero on the network, if not on television.

Presuming Green Arrow and the Canaries is no longer part of the plan, The CW will air seven DC superheroes shows in the coming season — The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, Stargirl, and Superman & Lois — with Wonder Girl joining the development slate alongside Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller. If that seems excessive, keep in mind Legends and Supergirl are mid-season shows with Stargirl intended as a summer season program. Also, with Supergirl upcoming season being its last, there is room for one show to take its place.

Also, it should be said, developing a series around a completely new hero is an exciting move for the Arrowverse. It also gives the CW’s comic book world an Amazon of its own to take a seat at the Superfriends’ round table. Well, provided the shows ever acknowledge the table again.

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